Piper & Skye seeks to inspire

love, respect, and responsibility.


Piper & Skye has set out to purposefully create rare and luxurious handbags which define the company ethos: Responsible Luxury. We take great pride in the time, energy and pure passion devoted to ensuring the people, animals, and environment each impacted by our processes are top of mind in all supply chain and material sourcing decisions. We are committed to making every decision a thoughtful one and every impact a positive one. Each individual handbag is the result of our efforts to utilize socially-responsible and ethically-sourced materials. We are purposefully transparent. We expect to be held accountable for our actions and decisions. We vow to be honest in our policies and systems, and to operate with integrity in all we do. We believe in a corporate culture of fairness and respect and we expect this from our suppliers. We take care of our supply chain and hold each of our partners accountable to meet or exceed the standards and practices with which we operate. Responsibility for Piper & Skye means not just internal corporate responsibility but an inherent duty to serve the environment, species, and fellow humans we occupy this earth with as best we can.


We are committed to bringing you the most luxurious, responsibly-made products. We are also pleased to share with you many of the resources we rely on for continuous improvement regarding sustainability, responsible luxury, or how to make sure we are making positive impacts on the world around us.
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