A lower carbon footprint than leather.

  Our Pirarucu supplier has unique methods and processes that are free from heavy metals for environmental safety. All organic waste that is generated is used as compost materials, while water has been corrected for pH balance, in order to be used as irrigation for reforestation farms. 

One of the world's most luxurious organic products with the lowest environmental impact.

Formerly discarded, the Pirarucu fish skins are transformed into renewable resources and materials which are the core of Piper & Skye’s creations.  

Building circularity in our industry.

By utilizing the Pirarucu bio-leather we are helping to support the surrounding communities and building a complete sustainable cycle in the industry protecting the forests, wildlife and the people who depend on them.
More information is available at: Harvest and trade of pirarucu in the Brazilian Amazon, CITES & Livelihoods Case Study, 2019.