" As a brand owner, it isn't enough to just look for quality in the products we buy and the materials we make our products with. We must ensure there is quality in the lives of the people who help us create our handbags and are involved every step of the way", says Piper & Skye Founder & Creative Director, Joanna MacDonald, "it is our responsibility as a company to do our part towards the greater good, not just for a planet in crisis but for those suffering on it”.

At Piper & Skye we believe in the continuous improvement of our brand. We are committed to bringing you the most luxurious, responsibly-made products while giving back and making positive impacts on the world around us Piper & Skye strongly believes in supporting the communities surrounding the fishing industry directly related to our signature Pirarucu leather and are proud to have made an investment for these communities in South America who support the fishermen and the continued sustainable economic success for these people.  The investment allows the purchase of new fishing nets which reduce lost time in the process and make it a more efficient and ultimately more lucrative way to make a living. These small fishing communities are greatly impacted by the purchase of these nets.

There is a direct correlation between a healthy, thriving pirarucu fishing ecosystem with a decrease in deforestation. If these fishermen are not gainfully employed by the local fishing industry, the only other possible source of income is cutting down trees. Piper & Skye is proud to be doing it's part not only in recognizing the urgent need to protect our rainforests, but in supporting the local communities that make everything possible for us to create beautiful handbags with our cherished Pirarucu leather.

Piper & Skye's founder, Joanna MacDonald, launched a Toronto-based initiative during the beginning of the pandemic, when she came to learn of the overcrowding in local shelters that support survivors of human trafficking and domestic abuse. This is another example of how Piper & Skye gives back to community, this one in her very own backyard. Domestic violence rates rose at least 40 percent during the "stay at home” times of this pandemic era.

Joanna quickly registered this non-profit initiative, partnering with Toronto Boutique Housing, to transition women from shelters into vacant furnished condos. With the resources and support systems that Safe Transitions now offers, some of these women are ready to begin a new stage in their lives, while freeing up space at the shelters. Safe Transitions hopes to carry this initiative across the country and one day, beyond. Through Safe Transitions, Piper & Skye demonstrates its true passion for supporting local communities - the people that so often go unseen and unheard.