On behalf of everyone at PIPER & SKYE, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19—this includes not only those diagnosed with the virus, but also their friends and family, those whose jobs and schools have been impacted and all those who are working on the frontlines to save us day in and out. 

We feel an inherent need to find ways to support our community and the economy as best we can. Thus, we have committed to employing over 30 home-based sewists from across Canada to help manufacture non-medical grade masks for various vulnerable persons nationwide. In partnership with Edmonton based sewist Heather Shaw, we are providing each sewist with “kits” for mask production which include cotton, filters and elastic bands, alongside instructional materials and patterns in accordance with the Deaconess Medical Center guidelines. 

With over 2000 masks committed, we are distributing them to shelters for battered and abused women nationwide including, Aurora House (Toronto), Hope Mission (Edmonton), Deborah’s Gate (Vancouver), Assaulted Women’s Helpline and their associated shelters(Ontario) and others in desperate need of protection for staff and communities. You have our promise that we will continue helping by employing people and fulfilling the need for masks as much as possible, for as long as possible. 

 In addition, we have made a conscious decision to donate 20% of the net proceeds from the purchase of all Piper & Skye products to the production of non-medical grade masks for those in need during this time.