World Wildlife Day 2020

   On March 3rd, 2020, we come together to celebrate biodiversity alongside World Wildlife Day. Let’s work together to nurture a planet that can truly sustain all life on earth.⁠

For Piper & Skye, this means recognizing the work that has yet to be done to correct the damage that has occurred. All wildlife and co-existing species in our world today need us to pay more attention. They have an undeniable impact on the quality of the world we live in. Piper & Skye realizes that exciting times lie ahead. Exciting opportunities have presented themselves for businesses, consumers, and inhabitants on this earth to make drastic and lasting positive impact on our planet and everything on it. We need to start paying closer attention.⁠

At Piper & Skye, we strive to raise the bar for businesses, especially those in the luxury goods industry, to set a better example for the consumers of today who - as they age within or enter into - our world, can see that our purchasing decisions can be made without harming the wildlife and species we live alongside and very much rely upon for our survival.⁠

Let’s do better. Let’s be better. Let’s live better.⁠

Message from Dilys Roe, Chair of IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi)

The theme of this year’s  World Wildlife Day - Sustaining All Life on Earth – serves as a timely reminder that sustainable use is one of the three pillars of the UN Convention on Biodiversity, alongside conservation and equitable benefit sharing. Sometimes  - particularly when we hear about species under threat of extinction and ecosystems on the brink of collapse – it is easy to think that the most important action we can take is to protect wildlife from humans. More often than not, it is the sustainable use of species by humans that can be key to their long term conservation….For more information on this important message click here.


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