Piper & Skye x INVERSA : Beyond sustainable. Regenerative.

   An extraordinary fusion of sustainability and luxury, butterfly mark-certified leather accessories brand Piper & Skye partners with INVERSA Leathers, A regenerative materials company that creates leather from invasive species that destroy ecosystems. This collaboration encourages nature to flourish while pushing fashion beyond sustainability.

This stunning collection between Piper & Skye and INVERSA was almost inevitable, especially after Joanna MacDonald, founder and Creative Director of Piper & Skye, and Aarav Chavda, founder and CEO of INVERSA, connected over their shared values of “leaving the planet in better shape than we found it” after their initial meeting last year.

Together, both organizations champion a shared vision of eco-conscious fashion: INVERSA's groundbreaking approach is validated and backed by organizations like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA), and Conservation International (CI), and works collaboratively with the State of Florida and the government of Mexico to protect and restore the biodiversity of the aquatic environments from which the species originate. Piper & Skye emphasizes regeneration, responsible material sourcing practices, and mitigating both internal and external environmental impact.

Their alliance brings forth a trailblazing fashion experience, marrying luxury and style with a profound commitment to healing the planet and restoring affected ecosystems.

Discover the Piper & Skye x INVERSA collection and order these elegant, regenerative handbags here.  

Piper & Skye is a prominent luxury handbag brand, recognized for responsible, sustainable, and ethically-created accessories. Piper & Skye focuses on biodiversity and regeneration, partnering with suppliers who share and put into practice their pillars of corporate value: respect, responsibility, and community. Crafted by independent North American artisans, Piper & Skye's handbags prioritize people and the planet, supporting the fishing village communities where the species originates, local shelters in surrounding areas their work is being done, while nurturing their supply chain. In addition, Piper & Skye takes great care of its’ own internal people.  There is no question why their tagline is "we love what we're made of”.


For more information on Piper & Skye and their sustainability efforts, head to their website http://www.piperandskye.com and follow them on Instagram at @piperandskye.



About INVERSA Leathers:

INVERSA Leathers, a regenerative materials company, is revolutionizing fashion to heal the planet. INVERSA crafts luxurious leathers out of invasive species and capitalizes on the fashion industry's immense power to support the restoration of Earth's biodiversity. Starting with three of the most formidable invasive species, the Invasive Lionfish, Invasive Dragonfin, and Invasive Python, INVERSA introduces a boldly stylish alternative to exotic and traditional leather. To learn more about INVERSA's inspiring journey of turning fashion into a hero for the planet's sustainability, visit http://www.INVERSAleathers.com/ and follow the story on Instagram at @INVERSAleathers.


Press Inquiries:


INVERSA Leathers: press@inversaleathers.com, 817.913.3200

PIPER & SKYE: dana@thedanaagency.com, 305.803.4079




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