Piper & Skye take Sustainability Award at the Accessory Counsel Awards

The team at Piper & Skye is thrilled to announce our win at the Design Excellence Awards. The Design Excellence Awards by the Accessories Council celebrates outstanding new and innovative products, offering winners an exciting platform to showcase their products. This year, they had hundreds of entries and nearly 10,000 votes. Our Managing Director Heather S. and Head of Manufacturing Alex Ravikovitch were there to graciously accept the win for our Lola Crossbody in the Sustainability Category. This award holds a special place in our hearts as it reflects the culmination of our efforts to redefine luxury with a conscious approach. We are deeply honored to be recognized by the Accessories Council and are grateful for the support of our amazing community. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Piper & Skye's journey towards a more sustainable (and well designed) future. Here's to celebrating fashion that not only looks good - but does good! #PiperandSkye#welovewhatwearemadeof

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