Exotic Sustainable Bio-Leathers


It’s hard to believe that the skin of this giant Amazonian fish can provide such soft and resilient material. Pirarucu has become one the world’s most luxurious organic products with the lowest environmental impact.

The fish hides of the Pirarucu (Arapaima) were formerly discarded as trash, now transformed into renewable resources of our planet, these natural materials are the core of Piper & Skye’s creations.

The skin (hides) of Pirarucu fish can build a complete sustainable cycle in the industry, protecting the forests, wildlife and people who depend on them.


Taken from the biosphere, transformed and back to nature   

Our creative development process is inspired by our responsible and conscious mindset to create only organic and sustainable handbags and accessories.

For each process, the lowest environmental impact is used to generate the best product with positive social results. We believe in making a difference in our world by offering remarkable products with a unique and beautiful aesthetic. Sustainability and the environment are the inspiration for a better life.


Our Pirarucu partner has unique work methods and organic processes that are free from heavy metals and are environmentally safe. All organic wastes are 100% used as compost materials and water has its pH corrected and used as irrigation for reforestation farms.

As pioneers in organic tanning of hides, our partner has developed a new method of using “inputs” free of heavy metals, especially chromium. As a result, a new chrome free “Bio-Leather” was produced. Each process has the lowest environmental impact generating the best product with positive social impact.

These values ​​are reflected in all the processes and products of their company and ours.