Piper & Skye exists to inspire love, respect, and responsibility. Our mission is to design handcrafted bags in the highest quality that embody purpose. We are committed to making every decision a thoughtful one, and every impact a positive one. Each individual bag is the result of our efforts to utilize socially-responsible and ethically-sourced materials.

Joanna MacDonald founded Piper & Skye with a passion and commitment to bring elegant, everyday luxury bags to the market, with a purpose. Joanna’s passion for positive change in her industry, is the driver behind Piper & Skye’s journey to become a fully sustainable brand. Piper & Skye’s iconic look is attributed to the soft and resilient texture of the Amazonian Pirarucu fish hides.

Pirarucu has become one the world’s most luxurious organic products with the lowest environmental impact. By utilizing the Pirarucu bio-leather we are helping to support the surrounding communities and providing the economy with a more productive use of it’s resources.

It is our mission and purpose to share our sustainability journey with transparency. We continuously evaluate our company operations and supply chain to ensure that our brand leaves a positive impact. Through this commitment Piper & Skye meets the need for responsible luxury in today’s market.